Research Services

Family Research

Need us to research a member of your family? We can search our archives, Ancestry or visit local archives. You tell us as much info as you can and we will attempt to fill in the gaps.

I take pride in supporting my customers throughout the research and the design and development process and beyond so that you can learn the skills to keep your website fresh and promote your business or organisation online.

Building or Area Research

Do you need to know more about the history of your home or business premises? Or need further historical information of an area local to you. We can attempt to find as much information and images of your property or area.

Why not take a look at the Wrexham History website first, this covers the County of Wrexham. If you fail to find what you need then contact Graham.

Find Family Burial Site

Headstones provide one of the most personal links that we can have with our ancestors. Headstones mark the places where we can be physically closest to our ancestors. To the family historian, headstones and memorial inscriptions provide further details about their ancestor and their families. In many instances the headstone or memorial will include an epitaph that captures the essence of their ancestor life and their relationship with other family members. Some family historians find that it is not practical to locate, record, and photograph their ancestors headstones and memorial inscriptions, due to lack of time, or the distance they live from them.

We will attempt to locate your ancestors gravestones and memorial inscriptions, along with searches for relevant information. If we are successful in locating the burial site and headstone we will make a written record/transcribe, along with headstone and general location photographs. (Up to 10 photographs will be included).

Family Trees

Are you stuck with your family tree? Need help to continue? Or simple have no idea where to start. Then let us help you.

Simple Look Up

Do you need a simple question answering or a copy of a photograph. We can do a simple look up of our archives for relevant images and info.

For full information and further details contact us