The historic bit of Wrexham Cemetery nobody ever sees.


Close to the Grade II* listed Cemetery Chapels lies a hidden secret known to only a few – a wartime mortuary.

It is one of the better-known landmarks on the approach to Wrexham. In the grounds of the Grade II* listed cemetery lies a hidden secret known to only a few. As locals and visitors to the town pass a wartime MORTUARY. Now home to nothing more than dust and spiders, it was intended… for the dead. During the Second World War this building acted as a mortuary over spill for the hospital.

Victims of bomb attacks and fires were brought here when there was no room at the hospital, unknown to the public who wandered merely feet past it.

Passed by hundreds of people every day as they go about their daily routines, but its true significance lies in the ideals it stood for.

The Friends of Wrexham Cemetery hope to be able to allow viewing of the mortuary sometime in the near future, join the friends group on Facebook here to be notified when the first tours will be available. Join here, it’s free.